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Losing your natural teeth takes a toll on your physical and mental health. If missing teeth cause you to struggle with chewing or speaking, Kayla Morton, DDS, and Trey Swinney, DDS, of Swinney Morton Dental in Tyler, Texas, can help. They place and restore dental implants that offer the look and feel of natural teeth. Dental implants replace your natural tooth roots to permanently replace missing teeth. They look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. To learn more about dental implants and implant restoration, call Swinney Morton Dental today or book an appointment online.

Dental Implants and Implant Restoration Q & A

What are dental implants and implant restoration?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. These thin titanium posts screw into the space left by your missing tooth and fuse to your jawbone by a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is the way your jawbone heals around the implant, firmly securing it in place.

Implant restoration is the creation of your implant-supported replacement teeth. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures are the three primary choices for replacement teeth. Once created, these artificial teeth connect to your implants to fully restore your smile.

What are the benefits of dental implants and implant restoration?

Dental implants deliver the look and feel of your natural teeth. Because they don’t require support from your surrounding teeth or sit on top of your gums like traditional dentures, implant-supported replacement teeth feel stable. You can speak without worrying about shifting dentures and chew your favorite foods with confidence.

The most common benefits of dental implants and implant restoration are:

  • Improved speech
  • Easier chewing
  • Improved appearance
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Better oral hygiene

With dental implants, you can brush and floss your replacement teeth just like you would your natural teeth. The implants also provide a barrier between your teeth and gums, so your replacement teeth won’t irritate your gum tissue.

What can I expect from the dental implant and implant restoration process?

Dental implants can take several months to place because they require complex planning. Swinney Morton Dental has an in-house cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine that gives your dentist a detailed view of your jawbone and gums, both of which support your teeth.

Not only does this help the team identify the best areas to place your implants, but it also reveals if you have enough bone in your jaw to support implants. If you don’t have enough bone, you’ll need a bone graft before you get implant surgery.

The next step in the dental implant process is placing your implants. The surgery is done with anesthesia, so you feel no pain. It takes 6-12 weeks for your jawbone and gums to heal after surgery. Once your mouth heals, and the osseointegration process is complete, the team takes impressions to create your custom-made replacement teeth.

At your final appointment, the team connects your replacement teeth to your implants. With proper care, implants should last 25 years or more.

Schedule an appointment with the Swinney Morton Dental team to learn more about dental implants and implant restoration. Call or book online today.