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Are you bothered by a dull, discolored smile when you look in the mirror? It’s time to learn more about teeth whitening. This easy, effective solution could give you the brighter smile you’ve always wanted. At Swinney Morton Dental in Tyler, Texas, Kayla Morton, DDS, and Trey Swinney, DDS, offer several in-office and at-home whitening treatments to lift stains and raise your confidence. Call today or schedule your first appointment online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Can I get teeth whitening treatment?

Your teeth have a hard, protective coating of enamel. Enamel is naturally white, but it’s susceptible to surface stains that leave your teeth looking discolored and dingy.

Teeth whitening is an extremely popular way to bleach stains from your natural tooth enamel. It’s quick and effective. It tackles common stains caused by acidic foods, dark beverages, age-related discoloration, and smoking.

If you have healthy natural teeth, whitening could be an excellent choice for you. But if you have internal discoloration, deep decay, or if you’ve had extensive restorations, teeth whitening might not give you the results you desire. In these cases, crowns or veneers would be a better choice.

What types of teeth whitening are available?

Lots of over-the-counter whitening products are available, but these products are no match for the teeth whitening treatments you’ll find at the dentist’s office. Swinney Morton Dental offers top-grade whitening treatments to help you get a smile that’s several shades brighter.

The team can recommend in-office or at-home kits, depending on your budget and your preferences.

In-office whitening with Philips Zoom!

Philips Zoom! is a popular in-office teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist works with you to choose a shade that’s brilliant but still looks natural. The Philips Zoom! system can make teeth significantly whiter in just a single session that takes less than an hour.

At-home whitening with GLO®

GLO is a complete at-home whitening system that includes a whitening gel and an electronic mouthpiece that you wear to heat the gel. This can be a particularly effective choice if you’ve experienced sensitivity with other teeth whitening treatments.

Along with GLO, Swinney Morton Dental offers traditional at-home kits with professional-grade bleaching solutions and whitening trays custom-fitted to your mouth.

How can I make teeth whitening results last longer?

No teeth whitening treatment lasts forever, but professional teeth whitening can brighten your smile for up to three years. You can also do a lot to prolong your results.

Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Consider some lifestyle changes to keep your teeth bright, like avoiding smoking and limiting staining beverages like coffee and tea.

Keep up with regular dental cleanings, and ask your dentist about scheduling teeth whitening touch-ups. Depending on the whitening treatment you use and your aesthetic goals, the team develops a personalized maintenance plan.

Teeth whitening is a simple solution to revitalize your smile. Schedule your teeth whitening online today or call the office.